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Private Courses

Private courses : We Organize First Aid Training Classes at Your Place

We want you to enjoy learning first-aid as much as we enjoy teaching it. Our courses are given in an interactive format which allows you to learn first-aid and CPR skills in the most efficient and enjoyable way. To make this experience even more beneficial for you we are happy to come and train you in your home, community centre or your office.

Hosting a course can serve many purposes:

  • Hold a course for your employees, in order to meet provincial regulations or make your workplace environment safer.
  • Take an active role in exposing more people to these important life saving skills within your community centre.
  • Host a special course in your home for your family and friends as an idea for a CPR baby shower, which will make your home a safer place.

Advantages in hosting your course:

  • No need to travel to a distant location at an uncomfortable time
  • You decide when you will have your course
  • You invite your friends over and learn with people you already know
  • You and your friends can have your children over and avoid paying a babysitter (children under 16 do not require payment)
  • Offer your friends and family a unique social gathering where all of you spend an enjoyable time together while getting educated at the same time
  • So, to organize your own CPR session all you need to do is to organize your group (minimum 6 people maximum 18 people) and contact us to schedule a place and time and we will help you with all the arrangements!

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