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courses & schedules: Courses for Personal and Professional Needs

We are offering an array of courses that aim to fulfill all your needs. Whether you need to get certified to fulfill your workplace legislation requirements, or you are interested to acquire life saving skills to offer help to your family, friends and anyone that might need it.


Basic First-Aid and CPR for Babies and Children

This course is designed to offer basic first-aid and CPR skills to parents, child caregivers or anyone who feels responsible for the safety of their own home.

An ideal course to host in your home as a baby shower/CPR party.

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Red Cross Emergency Child Care First-Aid and CPR + AED

Overview of First-Aid & CPR techniques taught in an interactive environment, for individuals who care for infants or children in the workplace or at home. It covers skills needed to recognize, prevent and respond to breathing and cardiovascular emergencies in adults, children and babies. A special focus is give to sudden medical emergencies and treatment of severe injuries.

This course is approved for Day Care and Day Home Providers in BC by the BC Provincial Childcare Facilities Licensing.

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Workplace Emergency first Aid and CPR (OFA 1)

First aid attendants in most workplaces are required by Work Safe BC to be certified with Occupational First aid Level 1 (OFA 1). We can come and hold this course at your location with flexible scheduling at your convenience. This certification is highly appreciated by any employer. Learn how to deal with emergency situations in your work environment and offer immediate help to your colleagues and clients.

Canadian Red Cross Workplace Emergency First-aid & CPR certification is a WorkSafe BC approved Occupational First-Aid Level 1 (OFA Level 1) course.

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Red Cross Standard First-Aid & CPR + AED

A 2 day course that teaches comprehensive First-Aid & CPR techniques for those who want to acquire advanced skills to respond to emergencies at work place or home. The course covers a variety of topics from common emergencies (such as heart attacks, strokes, asthma, prevention of disease transmission) to in-depth topics, such as sudden medical conditions and injuries to the head and spine, wound care, fructures and more.

An ideal course for anyone who wants to boost their resume with an appreciated and useful skill.

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Red Cross Emergency First-Aid & CPR + AED

Simple First-Aid & CPR techniques taught in an interactive environment, for individuals who want an overview of First-Aid & CPR. The course covers skills needed to recognize and respond to cardiovascular emergencies for adults (CPR Level C) and other topics such as choking, airway and breathing emergencies in babies and children.

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Red Cross CPR/AED Courses

This course is designed to provide various levels of CPR training based on the participants background, needs and interest. A presentation on how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and certification is also provided.

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Red Cross Babysitting Course

The Babysitting Course includes all the useful and reliable educational features parents would choose for their pre-teen or teen. The course is a nationally recognized program designed to help course participants develop self-assurance, knowledge, and skills required for babysitting duties and when caring for themselves alone. These are important tools for your daughter or son to have as they begin to build invaluable skills for a lifetime.

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To register or to schedule a course in your workplace/community centre please contact us.