Basic First-Aid and CPR for Babies and Children
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Basic First-Aid and CPR for Babies and Children:

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Medical emergencies can happen at any time, any place. It is up to us to be prepared and have the ability to offer life saving help to people that are close to us.

To make first-aid training more approachable and convenient we designed this course to help you prepare for common emergencies in babies and children.

About This Course

  • 3 hours course
  • CPR for babies and children
  • Covering common emergency situations including choking, SIDS, allergic reactions and more
  • Entertaining and engaging course

What Will You Learn

  • Basics concepts on how our body works and how it becomes dysfunctional
  • The physiological logic behind CPR and first-aid techniques
  • CPR for adults, children and babies
  • First-aid for choking
  • Sudden medical emergencies in babies and children:
  • SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome)
  • Fainting
  • Poisoning
  • Heat seizures
  • Croup

The course is short and highly informative. It is given in an interactive and entertaining format, which makes it an ideal course to be hosted in your home as a CPR party or even as a baby shower.

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Course Details

Duration 3 hrs
Min/Max participants Min 6

This is a non certifying course. It is for the purpose of educating the community

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Course Fee

Private course $ 50/ per person
Community centre course Fee is determined by the centre. See below

To arrange this course at your home, office or your community centre please contact us

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