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About Us

About Us : Learn Life Saving Skills

As a training partner of the Canadian Red Cross, Community Care First-Aid was established with the intent of increasing the awareness for first aid and CPR skills in communities of the greater Vancouver area.

From our experience we realize the importance of community education as the major way for increasing survival in emergency situations. We believe that by increasing the number of people in our community that are trained in first aid and CPR the better the chances that those people will be able to offer an immediate medical response to an emergency situation; a response that will always be faster than any ambulance.

In order to achieve this goal, Community Care First-Aid adopted a unique teaching approach that relies on training you in the most convenient and comfortable place; whether it will be your community centre, office or even your home! In this way we believe that first aid and CPR education can be delivered to more people. While learning these important skills with your family and friends in an interactive and enjoyable way, we trust that more people will benefit from the learning experience and more of us will hold the knowledge and the ability to save lives.